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Orange – Hello world!

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Orange Art Factory

Welcome to Orange Art Factory Cinema Directory. We are happy to serve you.

Why is this another cinema directory? Let us make it very simple. We used to get many calls everyday asking for acting and modelling chance. Out of these calls many are not passionate or they would not know how to approach or whom to approach. Yes, We have rejected many profiles just because the way they presented themselves to us was not correct.

After rejection our team always had an unanswered question. Have we missed or overseen any talents? If we have done this, then we are the loser. To sort this out we decided to come out with a directory portal for cinema industry. Again we just do not want to be a common portal like rest in the industry.

With this in mind we decided and launched Orange Art Factory cinema directory with rules. Keeping in mind about the time passers, fake casting agents, and romeos we creator a set of rules.

Rules are:

No time passers

Passionate people will not mind spending rupees 500 to get listed in India’s premium cinema directory.

One photo policy

We believe that serious casting directors or directors or producers or assistant director will decide on the first photo for selection. Then contact person for more photos. Same goes here too.

No contact number

To keep the romeo’s and Juliet’s away from the passionate people, we have implemented no contact number policy. You see the one photo, interested message the model or the actor actresses with cover messaging system. If interested and ok with your terms, then they will share their contact number.

Trans directory

Why not? They do a great job in the industry and we are proud to list them.

Verified casting calls

May it be a casting call or even profile registration, our team will verify and then approve it for public view. By this we believe that we will be able to list only the passionate and true cinema people and need in our directory.

This doesn’t end here, a cinema blog will be added weekly where you can learn direction, acting, editing and many more.

Come let’s make better cinema.

Team Orange

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