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We love to explore, try every cuisine and stay in place which mesmerises us. And now we are sharing this 10 years of travel experience with you by organising one for your team.

Corporate Day Outing

Yes! We understand that you have either decided to take a break or give a break to your employees. Don’t worry, we will take care it. We are corporate day outing organisers in India.

Executive Retreat

Hi, You are here to escape from your big books and become a creator of your soul. Close your eyes, think a destination and let us know, we will plan your escape. Give a try.

Corporate Tour Organiser | Corporate Travel Planners

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation at star rated properties
  • Sight seeing
  • Team building
  • Dj at Night
  • Entertainment at night or all day
  • Food
  • Kids party
  • Ladies special Cocktail

Corporate Tour Planner

A story for your understanding…….

We do clearly understand what you are searching for. Yes, we are not regular tour operators, who just books tickets for you, fix up some hotel or resort and put you on your own or give you a strange package. We are project to project Corporate Tour Organiser & Corporate Travel Planners in Coimbatore, Bangalore & Chennai .

Moreover, We love to explore, try every cuisine and stay in place which mesmerises us. And now we are sharing this 10 years of travel experience with you by organising one for you and your team.

Similarly, let it be your bunch of super heads or  your all time pressure taking managers or your bloodline employees. OAF always makes sure that everyone is taken care and treated well.

Likewise, let it be South India, North India, East, West, or Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, or any other destination, we never give you a package tour plan. Instead, we will tell you how we will pack you up with an example.


Let’s imagine that you have planned an award ceremony for 150 employees for two nights.

First our OAF Team (OAF  Explorer Team) will find a suitable location for you and on approval, they will find or suggest aa perfect resort or accommodation. Also OAF team will fix all the menus and fun for the destination.

On the big day our TL Team (Transportation and Logistics Team)  will make sure each and everyone has safely arrived and settled in their allotted double or triple or tent occupancy as ordered by you. Whether it is lunch or dinner our team will make sure that everything is delicious and served with care and love. That’s what our people working in FR Team (Food & Recipe Team) do.

Corporate Tour Organiser & Corporate Travel Planners

Day Two:

Good morning, post breakfast TL Team will plan for an outing to the best spot available at the said destination and if possible an outer door lunch will be provided on the spot. Post lunch, the team will be transported back to resort and will be requested to assemble in a common area for the next show.

Mean Time:

Meantime, when your team is outing, OAF  Team will set up all that is needed for the function in the resort (Sound, Light, Stage, etc).


Of course, a full entertained award function will be presented to your team. Moreover, if needed and allowed we will plan for a cocktail dinner. And delicious dinner is served.

Day Three:

As soon as breakfast is done everyone are vacated from the resort and transported back to their home.

Day four:

Finally, never mind that’s a day for us. The bill is not on you.

Furthermore, this is how OAF  team works for every corporate tour we organise.

Thanks for reading. Please do contact us for your need.

We do Day outing too.

Corporate Tour Organiser

Corporate Tour Organiser | Corporate Travel Planners

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