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You name it: if it’s live, we love it.

The story

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Namaste, welcome to Orange art factory. Put simply in Orange art factory we do live communications. Conferences, exhibitions, event management, awards, launches, celebrations, incentives. You name it: if it’s live, we love it. Orange art factory use intelligent strategy combined with extraordinary creativity, knowledge and experience to deliver your messages in the most effective way. Engaging, educating, motivating, rewarding. And we do all this with as much energy as possible to ensure everything lives on long after the event. And we think this is one big reason why Orange art factory has been listed in top event management companies in Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore.


Our Customers

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Corporate tour

When you say it’s time for break, yes we take it so and hold our words “You name it: if it’s live, we love it”. Orange art factory has organised tour across the globe and made sure every moment was celebrated.

Top Event Management Companies in Coimbatore

top event management companies in coimbatore
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Corporate Events


Every time when we organise a corporate event we ask ourselves one question, are we doing it right? We have asked this question as much as 1000 times in past 10 years. This has made us learn the art of presentation and which lead us to find the best of best in Sound, Stage, Lights, Artist etc. And today we are known across South India for our creative presentation and fun filled entertainment. We are corporate event organisers and this why we are listed in top event management companies in Coimbatore.

Product Launch Organisers

in Coimbatore, Chennai & Bangalore

Above all, first impression is the best impression. We work hard on this. Hence, we always believe that a factory or a product is a dream of someone and we are responsible for its presentation.

event management company in coimbatore

orange art factory

Executive Retreat

You are not here to think about those routines. You are here to escape from that and become a creator of your soul. Close your eyes, think a destination and let us know, we will plan your escape and make sure you are relaxing.

orange art factory

Seminars & Conferences

Planning for seminar or a conference in exotic location or in 5 start hotel? Let us know. Our team will list you few places that you would have not even imagined. We assure you a great experience.

orange art factory

Corporate Parties

Yes! It’s time to party. We at OAF Events organise all kind of Entertainment & get together events. In every event we make sure that your team feel the worth of their being with you.

orange art factory

Review Meeting

We have organised review meetings for past 10 years. Starting with relaxing morning, then meeting and ending with party. JCB, Funds India, Titan, etc are our clients.

orange art factory

Corporate Tour

True, we love to explore and we try every cuisine and stay in place which will mesmerise. However, now we are sharing this 10 years of travel experience with you. Similarly, let us organise one for you and your team.

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    operating in Coimbatore & Chennai.

Corporate Event

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Know about us

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We do Product Launch, Factory Launch, Seminars & Conferences, Get Together Events, Corporate Parties, Corporate Tours, CEO retreat, And Review Meetings.

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