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Event Management Company in Coimbatore

Yes! we have been listed in the top event management companies in Coimbatore. Headquartered in Coimbatore with operations in Chennai, Cochin and Bangalore.

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Little about us

Orange art factory was started in 2008......
...... And today we are here

top event management company in india

Little about us

Orange art factory was started in 2008......
...... And today we are here

We don’t want to waste your time in our long tailed story. Put simply we do live communications. Conferences, exhibitions, event management, awards, launches, celebrations, incentives. You name it: if it’s live, we love it. To transmit your messages in the most effective way, Orange Art Factory combines intelligent strategy with creativity, knowledge, and expertise.

Engaging, educating, motivating, rewarding. And we do all this with as much energy as possible to ensure that the events legacy continues on. And we think this is one big reason why we have been listed as top event management companies in Coimbatore with operation in Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, and Cochin.

A show by Orange Art Factory

prawolion fashion week
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Show Director : Vinoth Kumar

We are event mangers


We love to see captivated faces, therefore we make sure that everything we do is fresh, distinctive, and above expectations. We can assure you that we have staged a few events that caused the entire crowd to go nuts. Yes, you read that correctly, we love to take the crowd by surprise.

We handpick all our artist and performer’s.

Our selection committee ensures that only the most passionate and dedicated individuals celebrate our stage.

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Art Credit: Mohan Sekar


What We Handle In Event

Concept development

Production Planning

Venu Planning

Sound & Light

Set design

Stage Management

Onsite Production

Catering Services

Entertainment Planning


Delegate management

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Event: Titan Tanishq - Kala Paribara - Karigar Get Together Event


We love to use the phrase “trust us” over and over and we mean it. The folks who will entertain you aren’t just a dance troupe or a magician with a one-of-a-kind skill. Orange Art Factory has hand-picked the crew that will delight you. These people feel strongly for what they do. They were so passionate that they quit their jobs as HR, production manager, and various other positions. Trust us when we say that they will entertain you in such a way that the day will be remembered.

Event Management Company in Coimbatore – Orange Art Factory


Corporate events Organising:

In past 13 years we have done countless corporate events across this country. May it be a get together event, or a product launch, or a factory launch, or a review meeting, or  a corporate party our team makes sure that everything is fixed with perfection and presented awesomely awesome. Check our gallery which will through our words.

Racold Product Launch

Event Management Company in Coimbatore – Orange Art Factory

Corporate tour organising:

We enjoy travelling, and we enjoy arranging for your travel as well. Again, trust us when we say that the locations we choose will go far above your wildest dreams then it will. How do we do it? For example, we organised an event for a top corporate in India, in which we transported 300 guests across the country to a destination, or more specifically, an island in middle of the Yamuna River. We made them stay for three days, held review sessions and a small function, and the rest was pure enjoyment. Changing a street into a French colony, a beachside carnival, a cook stay, and a 1000 – Kilometer journey with accommodation, are just a few of the activities | we call it as fun | we’ve done across the country. And it is for this reason that we have been listed as top event management companies in Coimbatore.

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Location: Ganga Kutir - Kolkata


They can change that to this 🙂


Event Management Company
Ampo Factory Launch


Event Management Company
Ampo Factory Launch



event management company in coimbatore
HCL Retreat

Executive retreat:

Yes, this is intended for administrators. Do you believe it’s time for you to take a vacation, boss? If that’s the case, let us know because we know a few wonderful places where you can truly relax. No worries, you have choices such as whether to sweat or not, whether to stay in 5 Star quality or to go back to nature. Again, trust us; we’ve done a lot of exploring in quest of serenity, and now, as a top event management companies in Coimbatore, we’re sharing it with you. Let’s have some fun together.

Event Management Company in Coimbatore – Orange Art Factory


You name it: if it's live, we love it

Sports event & team management

We are one of the sports event organisers from India. We are a complete sport planning and management company. We plan, implement, facilitate and staff an entire sports event and make it energised and successful.

Our service includes the management of transport for team, travel and accommodation services from inception to completion, stall management, ground management, gate management, ticket management and score board management.

We have managed many events and this knowledge is extended to the National and International sporting bodies. We have been handling sports events for CCFC, Boeing and many other clients.

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Team Marketing and Management

Our love is to create unique and immersive experiences:

As an event management company in Coimbatore, we can help you take your event from an idea to its experiences.

We know that people like events that are entertaining, authentic, and engaging. As a result, through experience-focused design and high personalisation of spaces, we hope to create worlds that are infused with artistic twists. Allow us to transform the common place into something spectacular that your audience will remember for a long time.

Team Orange Art Factory.

“Do you want us to handle your event? Then reach us at 8870766660 or for further details and discussions.”


What kind of event do you organise?

We organise all kinds of corporate events like Annual Day, Corporate Parties, Get Together, Product & Factory Launch's, Seminars and More.

Where do you operate?

We are headquartered in Coimbatore with office's in Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin and Hyderabad. We do events across the country.

What come's under your scope in event management?

Everything, right from ticked booking till give away bags, we take care of everything.

What kind of show or artist you have?

As said in the article we hand pick our entertainment team. We have artist from all arts. All are very much professionals and dedicated to their art.

Do you handle catering?

Yes we do! But mostly we ask our customer to fix their favourite catering service and we handle them and support them in the event.

Who are your clients?

In past 14 years we have worked for many customer across India. Few are Alstom, ITC, Funds India, Tata, Ford and many more.