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Event Management in Coimbatore.

Namaste, welcome to Orange art factory. Basically in Orange art factory we do live communications. Conferences, exhibitions, event management, awardslaunches, celebrations, dealer meets, incentives, corporate tour. You name it; if it’s live, we love it. Orange use intelligent strategy combined with extraordinary creativity, knowledge and experience to deliver your messages in the most effective way. Likewise, educating, motivating, rewarding and we do all this with much energy possible to ensure everything lives on long after. Therefore, we think this is one big reason why Orange art factory has been listed in top event planners & event organisers, India.


Put it simple we are Corporate event organisers operating in Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Further in this article we have explained What we work on and how. Keep reading, thank you.


We have listed very few of our customer’s here.

What we do


We Do


Chiefly in past 13 years we have done countless corporate events across this country. May it be a get together event, or a product launch. Even a factory launch, or a review meeting, or a corporate party. Also our team makes sure that everything is fixed with perfection and presented awesomely awesome. Moreover, Check our gallery which will tell more about our words.

Adventure Filled


We enjoy travelling, and we enjoy arranging for your travel as well. Trust us when we say the locations we choose will be above your wildest dreams, then it will be so. How do we do it? For example, we organised an event for a top corporate in India. In which we transported 300 guests across the country to a destination. More specifically, an island in middle of the Yamuna River. After that we made them stay there for three days, held review sessions and a small function, and the rest was pure enjoyment. Similarly changing a street into a French colony, a beachside carnival, cook stay, and a 1000 – Km journey travel fun. These are just a few of our past activities, we call it as fun | we’ve done across the country. And we have been listed as top event planners & event organisers in India.


Most importantly, first impression is the best impression. We buckle down on this. Thus, we generally accept that a factory or a product is a dream of somebody and we are answerable for its show.

We launch your product with the same love and passion you had on it.

An immense speculation of ideas has gone into preparing it for show. Now you need to set the ideal stage to introduce it to your crowd, making energy that will permit you to see a substantial return.

Meanwhile, at Orange Art Factory we see how significant each product is to your organisation. And remarkable elements associated with making it a triumph. In a packed commercial center you really wanted your item to stick out and we realise how to build the buzz around. whatever it is you are bringing to advertise, guaranteeing you gain greatest openness and releasing it’s latent capacity.

Event Management in Coimbatore

National Level


Orange Art Factory is one of the organisers of sporting events in India. We are a comprehensive sports planning and management company. Manage your team, plan, conduct, promote and deploy your entire sporting event and make it energetic and successful.

Our services include equipment transportation management, start-to-end travel and accommodation services, station management, ground management, gate management, ticket management and scoreboard management.

OAF organises numerous sporting events and extends this knowledge to national and international sporting organisations. We have dealt with CCFC, Boeing and many other customer sporting events.


Concept Designers

Indeed every event has a life, so as every life has a design. Our art department develops a design in which the stage will have life.

Production Planning

🙂 Every detail will be taken up and made sure the best are working and giving the colour of presence.


Beach side, Lonely island, Paradise in forest, Rich one or Classy one. We have all different locations for your events and tour.

Orange Art Factory

Set Designing

Trust us, we have a team which can go to any heights to make a memorable events. True we have gone to 100 meters height to do an event. This was first the floating stage in India


As said before not everyone can preform in our stage. Our artist are hand picked after many test. When they on stage, you will forget your age 🙂 .

Delegate Management

Our reception team will make sure that your delegates, guests and VIP’s are well received and taken care. Even their accommodation and dinning will be personally taken care.

Catering Services

My team loves this department very much. You can see almost everyone from our team will present in this section tasting the menu before you. Hope you understood.

Event Management in Coimbatore

Our love is to create unique and impressive experiences.

As an Event Planners & Event Organisers company in India, we can help you take your event from an idea to its experiences. Firstly we know that people like events that are entertaining, authentic, and engaging. As a result, through experience-focused design and high personalisation of spaces, we create world that are infused with artistic twists. Hence, allow us to transform the common place into something spectacular that your audience will remember for a long time.

Team Orange Art Factory.

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