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Yes! OAF has earned the recognition of being one of the leading event management companies in Coimbatore, India. And this is not just limited to Coimbatore; we have also been highly ranked in Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin, and Hyderabad. You may wonder why we have achieved such prestigious status in the event planning and management industry in various cities. What sets us apart from others? Our extensive experience speaks for itself, with over 15 years of successful ventures. Want to know more? Keep browsing through our site for insights. Happy reading!

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Experienced Event Organisers

15 Years Of

Managing events in India with offices in Coimbatore, Cochin, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.
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No matter if it is art work, music, or a buffet at the table, every head of department will make sure it is perfect.


Our selection committee ensures that only the most passionate and dedicated individuals perform on our stage.


Safety and keeping safe have been part of all our events since 2009. However, we make sure all the required safety norms are followed as instructed by the Indian government.
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Little About Us

You name it: if it’s live, we love it

Why are we in:

Top Event Planning Company in Coimbatore

We don’t want to waste your time with our long story. We do all types of corporate events. Put simply, we do live communications. Conferences, exhibition stall fabrication, event management, awards, product launches, factory launches, celebrations, dealer meets, alumni meets, incentive trips, and corporate tours You name it; if it’s live, we love it. To transmit your messages in the most effective way, OAF combines intelligent strategy with creativity, knowledge, and expertise.

We also engage in educational, motivating, and rewarding events. We do all this with as much energy as possible to ensure the event’s legacy continues on. Our company operates in Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, and Cochin, so this is one of the main reasons why Orange Art Factory has been listed as one of the top event management companies in Coimbatore.

Who Entertains You?

We truly believe in the phrase “trust us” and stand by it. Our entertainers are not your average dance troupe or magician with just one unique talent. That’s why OAF has carefully selected a team that will captivate you. And they are not just skilled but also deeply passionate about their craft. In fact, they have left behind their HR and production manager jobs to pursue their love for entertaining. Rest assured, they will leave a lasting impression on your day. This has earned us a spot among the leading event management companies in Coimbatore once again.

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As Planners, We Do

Get Together Events Organisers

May it be your annual day celebration, an employee get-together, or a corporate day outing, we We are known across South India for our creative presentation and fun-filled entertainment. We are corporate event organisers.

Seminars & Conferences Organiser

Planning for a seminar or a conference in an exotic location or in a 5-star hotel? Let us know. Our team will list you a few places that you would not have even imagined. We guarantee you will have a fantastic time.  Know More

Corporate Parties Organiser

Yes! It’s time to party. We at OAF Events organise all kinds of entertainment and get-together events. In every event, we make sure that your team feels the worth of their being with you.

Product Launch Organisers

Above all, the first impression is the best impression. We work hard on this. Hence, we always believe that a factory or a product is someone's dream, and we are responsible for its presentation.

Corporate Tour Planners

True, we love to explore, and we try every cuisine and stay in places that mesmerise. However, now we are sharing this 10-year travel experience with you. Similarly, let us organise one for you and your team.

Review Meeting Organisers

We have organised review meetings for the past 10 years. Starting with a relaxing morning, then meeting and ending with a party. JCB, Funds India, Titan, etc. are our clients.

Sports Event Organisers

Our sports division has handled a lot of sports events for corporates around the country. This doesn't end here; we are the handler and marketing team for the CCFC football club. With this, we handle sports for Boeing, HCL, and SORT.
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Creative Event Planning

Look no further than Orange Art Factory for a top-tier corporate event planning experience. Our team of seasoned professionals specialises in curating unique and imaginative events that cater specifically to the needs of our clients. Passionate about creativity, we infuse it into every aspect of our services, from brainstorming groundbreaking ideas to selecting top-notch vendors and venues. Our meticulous attention to detail guarantees flawless execution, maximizing the impact on attendees. With extensive industry experience, we have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results, whether it be for product launches, brand activations, or employee engagement activities. Put your trust in us if you want an unforgettable event that will elevate your brand to new heights. Orange Art Factory is here to make it happen!

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90 celebrities, 16 fashion designers, a 3000+ audience, 2 nights, and 2 fashion choreographers. 1 show director, 1 unseen stage, Prawolion Fashion Week at ITC grand chola. It was undoubtedly a wonderful moment to remember.

Firstly, the show was handed over to us with just 30 days to go. The show director, Vinoth Kumar, our CEO, took responsibility for its success. The nights, however, were colorful and shone thanks to fashion choreographers Karun Raman and Shameer Khan.

And this is why we have been listed in

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