Event Management FAQ

What kind of event do you organise?

We organise all kinds of corporate events like Annual Day, Corporate Parties, Get Together, Product & Factory Launch’s, Seminars and More.

Where do you operate?

We are headquartered in Coimbatore with office’s in Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin and Hyderabad. We do events across the country.

What come’s under your scope in event management?

Everything, right from ticket booking till give away bags, we take care of everything.

What kind of show or artist you have?

As said in the article we hand pick our entertainment team. We have artist from all arts. All are very much professionals and dedicated to their art.

Do you handle catering for events?

Yes we do! But mostly we ask our customer to fix their favourite catering service and we handle them and support them in the event.

Who are your clients?

In past 14 years we have worked for many customer across India. Few are Alstom, ITC, Funds India, Tata, Ford and many more.

Do you organise dealers meet?

Yes we do. We organise dealers meet, conferences, review meeting and more. For more details click here.

Event Management Faq

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