Product Launch Organisers In Coimbatore, India

Orange Art Factory

Product Launch Organisers In Coimbatore, India

Yes! we do product launches.

What We Do As A

Product Launch Organisers

Venue Setup

Launch venue is the most important one in a product launch. This defines the quality and standard of the product. We make sure it set to high class.

Launch Theme

Now comes the most important point, launch theme or unveiling ideas or launch style. We make sure, that your product has a grand release.


It is moment of happiness and it should be celebrated. Our passionate and vibrant artist will make the eve more colourful and vibrant.

Guest Management

Yes, we manage all your VIP’s and guest needs. We make sure their presence in the launch is taken care.

PR Activities

Yes we organise press meets and releases. With our source we make sure all top media and news agencies are present for press meet and product launch.

We Are Product Launch Organisers

Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore & Cochin - India

Product Launch Organisers In Coimbatore, India



Launch event with OAF

We know you have invested lot of time, money, thoughts and energy in creating and perfecting your new product. Actually we would not call it as a ‘Product’ instead we see it as dream with form. And now it’s time for you to present your dream to the world and a prefect stage to present it.

Orange Art Factory as a product launch organisers know very well how important is every product launch . Before 15 years we launched ourselves and we know how beautiful that moment will be.

Together we organise product launch with passion and perfection so that your targeted audience will never forget for all the right reasons, may it be a new product or a relaunch.

At Orange Art Factory we give you honest advice about do’s and don’ts to achieve your aims. As an event management company we know how much money and time goes into create a good event. So, as a product launch organisers we know were to cut the budget and make your product presentation a grand success.

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