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Conference & Meetings

We do all-size conferences, head meetings, and away meetings. We have been away doing meetings for top corporations in India.

Dealers Meet

Our group of experts would deal with every part of the meeting, leaving you with nothing to stress about. The menu covers everything from planning the scene to distributing the rewards.

Review Meetings

We have been organising review meetings for JCB, Funds India, Axis Bank, and many more for the past 8 years. Trust us, at the end of the day, we handle your employee stress better. .
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Conference Organisers & Dealers Meet Organiser

It took us many years to learn how to craft a meeting. May it be a dealer meeting, a conference, a pressure-filled review meeting, or a boss-on-table meeting, we have learned how to handle the end.

Many times the end was happy, but sometimes it was sad. (You guys know very well about the end of every review meeting.)

Dealers Meet Organisers

This is a significant event for us at the Orange Art Factory. Our platoon of professional event managers would take care of each aspect of the match, leaving you nothing to worry about. From arranging the event venue to organising the refreshments, we’d extend our backing to make your match a grand success. We unfeignedly wish to develop a conducive terrain where you can formulate new positive business strategies.

Seminar Organisers

We also honour that the meeting is a matter of character for the company. Hence, the success of the event is essential for fostering confidence among the team, dealers, and managers. Thus, we’d make sure to arrange the match in a manner befitting the print you want to produce. The approach would be substantially professional, with a touch of particular favor. So, if you want to distribute small gift delicacies among the team or dealers, we can make sure you have an emotional bag. We can also give personalised gift details that would also serve the purpose of promoting your brand. We guarantee that the team or dealers attending the match will return with increased confidence in the company.

Coimbatore Dealers Meet Organiser

Conference Organisers

Orange Art Factory event management company is a highly esteemed and proficient conference organiser. We excel in planning and executing conferences and review meetings across the country. Moreover, with our unwavering passion for delivering exceptional experiences,  We meticulously handle every aspect of conference organisation. However, our team at Orange Art Factory possesses an unmatched attention to detail. We carefully curating each event to reflect the unique requirements and objectives of our clients. Hence, from selecting ideal venues equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to coordinating accommodation arrangements, transportation logistics, and audio-visual equipment setup, our dynamic team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to creating a gathering.

Moreover, we go beyond mere logistical considerations by offering comprehensive event management services. Such as registration support, guest speaker coordination, marketing campaigns tailored specifically for each conference theme or industry niche, as well as post-event analysis and reporting. Meanwhile, as passionate professionals who understand the importance of networking opportunities within conferences, Orange Art Factory also organises engaging social events alongside the main program – fostering meaningful connections among attendees while providing them with a chance to unwind from rigorous sessions. Moreover, our knowledgeable team effortlessly navigates through any challenges that may arise during the planning process or on-site execution while maintaining open lines of communication with clients throughout every stage – ultimately guaranteeing successful outcomes time after time.

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