Event Management Companies in Pondicherry

A group of cuppies, after a month long hard work at office. Sitting in the beach with a camp fire toasting them and a beer chilling them. With a beautiful guitar knocking their ears with their boss saying “Guys let’s start the new month, achieve double target“. Did anyone hear that :D.


We Do Corporate Events & Parties In Pondicherry 🙂

Yes! now we are in Pondicherry doing events and parties. May it be a Corporate Tour or Corporate Get Together or Corporate Party or Bash party. You name it; if it is live, we love it.

Orange Art Factory has high connect to the prime and awesome properties in Pondicherry. Which makes us easy to host your corporate parties. And give you the best day.

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Event Management Companies in Pondicherry

To march it out we can organise your complete events. Right from travel to event and back home. With 18+ years of experience, our team makes you happily party hard. Check our gallery for more information.


The history of Pondicherry is recorded only after the arrival of Dutch, Portuguese, British and French traders. By contrast, nearby places such as Arikamedu, Ariyankuppam, Kakayanthoppe, Villianur and Bahour.  Colonised by the French East India Company over a period of time. Later became the union territory of Pondicherry, have recorded histories that predate the colonial period.

Event Management Companies in Pondicherry

Poduke or Poduca (a marketplace) was a Roman trading destination from the third century BCE. Poduca has been identified as possibly being Arikamedu (now part of Ariyankuppam), located about 2 miles (3.2 km) from the modern city of Pondicherry. This area was part of the Pallava Kingdom of Kanchipuram in the fourth century. Cholas of Thanjavur held it from the 10th to 13th centuries until it was replaced by the Pandya Kingdom in the 13th century. The Vijayanagar Empire took control of almost all of the south of India in the 14th century and maintained control until 1638 when they were supplanted by the Sultan of Bijapur.

Event Organisers in Pondicherry

In 1674 the French East India Company set up a trading centre at Pondicherry and this outpost eventually became the chief French settlement in India. The French governor François Martin made remarkable improvements to the city and its commercial ties. Facing at the same time strong opposition from the Dutch and the English. He entered into extended negotiations with the sultans of Golconda through the intercession of several roving French merchants and doctors who were in favour with the Sultan. Trading in jewelry and precious stones which had become highly fashionable in European courts was one among many activities. Five trading posts were established along the south Indian coast between 1668 and 1674. The city was separated by a canal into the French Quarter and the Indian Quarter.

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Event Management Companies in Pondicherry

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