Exhibition Stall Fabrication

Exhibition Stall Fabrication

Yes, we are back in the exhibition stall fabrication business. Post-pandemic, we took our time to restart our division one at a time to make sure this time we were better than before. Finally, with an all new stall design team and the same old experienced carpenters, we are happy to announce that we have started an exhibition stall fabrications division under the brand name Orange Fabrications.

What’s new this time in  exhibition stall fabrication?

A strong exhibition stall design team

Our new team of four designers is capable of creating state-of-the art stall designs. Equipped with the latest software and high-end rendering technology, we are now capable of creating designs with a wow factor. Meanwhile, our new AI will tell us where to cut the cord and save money for customers.

Stall Designs:

As you know, we are brand managers first (to know more, you can check the branding company website). With this in mind, we are now more focused on developing a design that is small in size, grand in appearance, cost-effective, stands out from the crowd, and has clear branding.

Presentation matters a lot for us. For your information, this is also maintained by our event management company. Check out our event photo gallery to find out more.

Exhibition Stall Fabricators:

We have one eye as designers and the other as carpenters. We thank God that everyone survived the pandemic and returned safely to us. Our carpenters have over 10 years of experience in exhibition stall fabrication. They are well-knowledgeable craftsmen who bring a colour printout to life in your expo. Trust us, they do flawless work.

Finally, about our lifeline.

Our lifeline is our workforce. Again, they are also the same old team, which works day and night to keep our promise of on-time delivery with quality and perfection. Once again, we are successful in keeping our promise because of our workforce.

Thanks for reading through; for more information, please have a look at our stall fabrication website.

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