Corporate Tour & Review Meeting


This event might be one among many corporate tours we did, but I have a special feeling for this event, as a review meeting organisers.

Event Task:

The task given to us was to do a 3 days review meeting for 100 people who where in different Indian cites. And the location of meet should be unique.

As a review meeting organisers our search began and we found many new properties in different part of India. Some were good for outing, few good for fun, but most of the properties were not for unique or new kind review meeting.

Property / Event Location:

Corporate tourFinally we found one property. Ganga Kutir – Raichak on Ganges in Raichak, Kolkata. Trust me the location, property, the staffs, food, or you name anything – it was very good at Ganga Kutir.

Beauty of this property was that the great river Ganga flows by their wall(see the pic).

Then came the toughest part, transporting 100 people from 20 different cites to Kolkata. And from there to Raichak which is 80 Km away and travel time was 2 hrs because of narrow roads.

Orange Team:

This is where my team played the best. With the help of Cox and King they booked up all the air tickets. Trust me, for few guest we provide free lunch in plane.

Our local support and event organiser Ms.Rama in Kolkata played her part best in organising 12 different local transportation to transfer guests coming at different time to airport.

Mr.Sai and Mr.Sarath from my team made sure that grouping of guest and transporting them to Ganga Kutir happened without any delay.

In Ganga Kutir Ms. Sindhu and Ms. Nithya from my team with the help of GK staffs made sure rooms were allotted as per to the guest category given by the customer.


What next, 3 days of wonderful events, Hi tea in cruise on Ganga at sunset, cocktail night, review meeting and finally send off.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Vinoth Kumar